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It’s all in the name.
Leading brands, cutting edge technology & innovative integration. 

Leading Edge Innovations is an Australian-based company that specialises in implementing simple solutions for complex problems. We are reputed for empowering our business partners through custom, innovative and scalable solutions that actually produce results. With a focus on improving rural technology solutions, our corporate mission is to empower our clients through innovative technology.

At Leading Edge Innovations, we believe smart goals can only be delivered through smart technology, with data paving the path to progress. Much like your fleet, team, software and hardware, data is an asset. Leading Edge Innovations understands the integral role data plays in setting and achieving quantitative goals and our solutions are designed with this in mind. Whether that is to validate current processes, detecting issues or offering the necessary insight required for change.

Our integrations are comprised of some of the most advanced technology available on the market, developed by leaders in their fields for assisted-reality, telematics, fleet management and collaboration. These include RealWear, Geotab and CommBox.

Whether you are using our wearable technology or capturing telematic information, we have built a name for ourselves by reliably providing our clients with the precise tools, technology and expertise they need to harness their data, improve business practices and produce increased efficiency and precision.

Our RealWear range is the industry leader for voice-operated, industrial assisted-reality wearable solutions. Partnering with RealWear, Leading Edge Innovations have helped transform the way frontline workers connect, delivering real-time access to information and expertise, anytime, anywhere. Combined with Workfloplus we have developed transformative digital platforms that ensure processes are done right first time, every time: driving productivity, connectivity and simplicity.

For Fleet Management our Geotab subscription is an end-to-end solution that is transforming the transportation, utilities and logistics industries. Geotab delivers the telematics and management features that small, medium and enterprise fleet operators need to improve safety, reduce costs and achieve corporate sustainability goals. We use industry-leading forensic analytics and proprietary datasets to calculate the most accurate claim possible for Fuel Tax Credit to submit to the Australian Taxation Office.

Lastly, our CommBox range of premium touchscreens, displays and mounts are revolutionising the way people come together to ideate, collaborate, present and connect in and out of the office and classroom. Designed and supported in Australia, CommBox utilise only the latest technology to deliver an incredibly intuitive OS, customisable home screen, and new clever tools and apps, setting the benchmark for interactive screens. CommBox has the power to instantly tranform any space into a video conference or collaboration space, streamlining workflow and empowering your team to achieve more.

Though Leading Edge Innovations originated in the small town of Tamworth, through the continued facilitation of our customer’s success we are immensely proud to have grown to a global presence with offices in Tamworth, Newcastle and Fiji. We have exported our solutions from Mongolia to Hong Kong, with installs on oil rigs on the Timor sea right to outback Bourke.

We have developed a reputation for superior service and were recently awarded the winner for Excellence in Innovation at the 2022 Tamworth Business Chamber Quality Business Awards.

Our clients branch all sectors from Education right through to Energy and Utilities. Behind Leading Edge Innovations’ success, is a dedicated and passionate team of engineers, project managers, customer support and customer success specialists.

Our team is the reason we can proudly call companies such as NBN Co, TAFE NSW, BHP, Benmax, Telstra, Downer, Hunter H2O, Toshiba, JBS, and Bourke & District Childcare Services, our customers.

We believe both our team and our customers deserve the best technology possible to serve their needs. That is why our brand new experience center in Newcastle is completely fitted out with the latest technology on the market. We want you to experience that for yourself. Make an appointment by clicking the button below and submitting your inquiry. Our team would love to discuss your needs and how we can best serve you.

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